Monday, December 1, 2014

November 24th

Hey Everyone!!
This week we were able to do lots of fun things! We went from Meeting the major on Tuesday, to learning more about family history at an activity, to doing service with the major/boy-scouts/firefighters! It has been super fun and super awesome!
I think I wrote about this last week.. but I guess I will write how it went. So I spoke on Sunday with Elder Barfuss (ZL), President Porter, and Sister Porter. It was just a smidgen scary.. but it was an awesome experience! So The whole week before I was terrified and I would get anxious just thinking about it. But I was trying to prepare the whole week, because there was no way I was getting up there not knowing what I was doing. Side Note: I always write out every single word out of what I am going to be saying so I don't mess up. especially since this would only be my 2nd talk ever given in sacrament meeting. However, This week I decided I wanted to test my faith. Instread of writing it all out I wrote it bullet point style. It was so awesome. So 5 minutes to the meeting I almost ran away(Haha.. jk.. not really.. almost) But I get up there rightwhen they start. By this time I am physically shaking. As soon as they pass out the sacrament bread I start feeling better. Then when I got the water I got a complete calming sensation come over me. I was just sitting there and I had no fear to give my talk! It was the coolest thing! I ended up getting up there and talking for about 15 minutes, I planned to be talking for 5-10 minutes. I just could have gone all day! The whole time the spirit was giving me the words to say up there! I just didn't want to get down! Haha. But I know that the sacrament is the putting the spirit more in my life. I know that by taking the sacrament I am applying the Atonement of Jesus Christ in my life. Its so important that we take it every single week! We are only hurting ourselves when we are not there taking of the great blessings it holds. But The atonement is also the enabling power that Christ gives us. So I was enabled to get up there and speak forever. I may have only given my mission President about 5 minutes to speak.. opps.. lol. Oh and I sang come follow me in my talk too without music. It was awesome, the spirit was awesome!
Well I hope all of you have a fantabulous week! Love Y'all!
Love Always,
Sister Steffani Stokes

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