Monday, January 26, 2015

doing birthday wishes with lanterns!!

mckayla pratt and Aaliyah Sonsky
sister Pratt and I and the pie she made me!
 Allison got me buffalo wild wings for my birthday!! She knew I loved them and could get them on the mission!
 I think one of the elders stole my camera.. 
but this was in our correlation mtg
 just another day as a missionary
 thought it was cool.. look in the mirror
 a cake the members bought me 
with the 20 candles you sent!!
Stls made this for january birthdays at zone conference
us with ava on her baptism and my birthday!
opening the package
on our way to the pratts birthday dinner!

lantern in the sky
us and the elders and Allisons daughter Aaliyah
group shot

Hey everyone!!

This week has been great! I am still loving Muncie, IN! This is officially the longest area I have served in! Great news! The Temple thats being built in Indianapolis/Caramel is opening this summer! The open house is starting July 17-August 6th and is getting dedicated at the end of August! I am so excited to have an even closer Temple to us!! Oh and happy Birthday Grandma Fish and Grandma Stokes!! Another year older, another year wiser! I believe that, expecially because I just look up to you two so much! Thanks for all that you do, I love you two!! <3

So we met this guy that goes by Stan the man this week! Haha. He is so great! He is always saying, "Praise the Lord!" and will just randomly start going into a prayer. Like literally you will be talking to him, and he will just start praying! I don't know if I should talk to him while he does that, or just wait for some type of an ending to it.. haha. I love Muncie. So we had a appointment with Stan, the man. However when we got there his son answered the door and said he wasn't there. But we got talking to his son, Daitron, and he was pretty cool too! We asked him if Jesus Christ has played a big role in his life, and his reaction was pretty great! He was like, "Oh ya!! Thats why I have him tattooed all over my face!" He literally had Jesus tatoos all over his face! Haha. Then as we were talking he just went into a prayer, and me and Sister Chismar looked at each other and  both had that look of "what do we do..?" Do we bow our head, or keep talking to him? haha. but we just waited it out. Then he went into this crazy story of how he had stolen his friends motorcycle because he didn't want him to ride it. And someone threw a sprite soda at his back! haha. He went on and on about this sprite soda! Haha. As you could probably guess he was black, I love black people. They are seriously my favorite. Oh and after a minute of us talking his step mother came to the door and was like who is there?! Are you mormons?! *Didn't give us anytime to answer* then she slammed the door in our face! Literally right in the middle of our conversation.. Daitron stepped outside and said sorry about that. He told us to call him Brother Tron before we ended up leaving! We have another time set to meet with him and his dad, Stan the man. I am sooo excited to teach them! Just thought you would like this story, because I know I loved experiencing it!  :D

This week we have been dropping a ton of people, and just trying to fill our teaching pool up with those that will really progress. So we were thinking that this was going to be a really slow week, but Gods grace came in! We had an amazing week and got a ton of things done. God knew we were going to have a potentially slower week than usual because of dropping, but did He ever provide! Trust in God and he WILL provide! 

Love you all, and have a fabulous week!!

Love always,

Sister Steffani Stokes 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy 20th Birthday Steffani!!!! :)

Hey everyone!!

Guess what?! I am 2 decades old!! Say whaaa? I honestly don't know what happened to my time. 20 years old.. I am officially not a teen anymore, yet I am not considered an adult either.. I guess I am a teult(half teen half adult). Eh who knows.

Well my birthday was fantastic!! I have seriously been so blessed to have my birthday and christmas here in Muncie! It is the best place for it! Everyone here is just so sweet! I love the members! Also I feel like heavenely Father may have played a big role on how much fun my birthday was too! He loves me(: So you want to know why it was so great? I will tell ya!

..........It all started the night before.. We were walking back to the house to start planning, when Sister Chismar saw something in front of our door on the floor. She couldn't tell what it was because it was dark, so she kicked it! I look down and it was a birthday cake!!! The O'Sullivans got me a birthday cake!! then the next morning was a Relief Society breakfast, and they sang to me there! Then we had Ava Pratts baptism, and there Brother Pratt was able to baptize and confirm his daughter!! #Miracle He hasn't been coming to church ina really long time, so it has really cool to see that he is started to make his way back! Then got refreshments there, and anything sister pratt makes is soo good!! Then we went and tried some referrals with a member, that we got from a member, and we ended up getting in with 4 people and being able to see them again this week! And then we went to orangeleaf, frozen yogurt place, and Logan bell payed for ours!! She is so sweet! Then we went to the Pratts that night for dinner, and I had told her that I really like marie calenders chocolate pudding pie.. haha.. So she made me one that was really similar! It was great! Our investigator, Allison, went to ava's baptism and went to the dinner that night too. She brought me buffalo wild wings, because she knew I love them and couldn't get them on the mission!! <3 She is the best! Then they all sang to me, and we lit some lanterns(Like from tangled) and made wishes as they blew away. It was the best day ever! Everyone in this ward is just so loving!! Best birthday ever! God was really making sure I had a great birthday I would say(: 

Well Allison is starting to become more independent. She told us Sunday morning that she would be there!! Last Sunday she went to the methodist church with Allen, and said she didn't feel the spirit in that building at all, but felt is super strong in our building!! I am so excited to be going along with her in this journey of hers! I love her!

Well have a great week everyone! Love y'all!

Love always,

Sister Steffani Stokes

Monday, January 12, 2015


Hey everyone!

This week has been a roller coaster! It has been up and down. we had 3 diff investigators on date for my birthday and the 24th, and they all got off date! :(  But on the bright side..

So a miracle we had this week.. we were trying a bunch of 

formers and we were having no luck. Either the address that 

was written down did not even exist, or the people that 

answered kept slamming the door in my face when I was in 

the middle of asking them a question. That never happens to 

me either, but it happened a couple times that day. Also on 

top of that it was pretty rough weather outside. So we were 

getting a little discouraged. However we kept going, and 

continued to look for one of the addresses that just did not 

exist. We were just looking for anyone who was outside to 

ask them where this number was. Finally there was a lady 

that was just about to get in her car a little ways up, so I 

shout to her and tell her I have a question. She waits for us, 

and I ask her if she knows where this house is. She said, 

"no.. who is it you are looking for?" I say, "Mishelle, but we 

don't know her last name.." She goes, "My name is 


*Looks at our tags* "Oh I have met with sister missionaries 

before, you are probably looking for me!" So we get her 

number and her actual address, and we are planning on 

seeing her again this week! It was the coolest thing! If you 

just hold on just a little bit longer God will provide. My dad 

taught me something about the fourth watch, I can't 

remember everything that had to do with it. But he did tell 

me that we worship a fourth watch kind of God. People tend 

to want a God that is a first watch, won't rock the boat at all, 

deliver you before there is even a struggle kind of thing. But 

God provides after all that we can do. So It gives you 

motivation to do more, because God promises to be there 

after ALL that we can do.

Another miracle.. So there is a member in the ward that I just 

adore so much! Her name is sister Pratt. Her husband is 

less-active, but has been promising them that he is going to 

be coming back to church the next week, then the next 

week, then the next week, but never does. So they have a 

daughter that is getting baptized this weekend, and her 

daughter has 

been planning on her dad baptizing her for the past couple 

years! Every year since she was five she asks her dad, your 

baptizing me when I turn eight right? Every birthday was a 

countdown to her 8th birthday too.. But obviously he wouldn't 

be able to baptize her because he isn't worthy to. So 

yesterday the parents got in a fight about her baptism and 

about coming to church because it was breaking Ava's heart! 

:( Bishop was coming over to have a baptismal interview 


Ava that day too. So Ava overheard their conversation about 

baptism, so when they come out she asked so are you going 

to baptize me? Sister Pratt was like for once you are going 

to talk to her about this, so he did.. basically he told her he 

didn't know how to baptize her.. then the bishop knocked on 

the door. Their dog ran outside past the bishop and Micheal 

Pratt ran thought the neighborhood bare feet trying to get the 

dog back, and bishop tried to help. Then sister Pratt saw 

Ava balling, and bishop and brother pratt walk back in. Ava 

wiped her tears away. So they were all in the same room, 

and bishop turns to brother Pratt and says, "So I am 

assuming your baptizing your daughter?" He says, "But I am 

not active.." Bishop says, "Do you want to baptize your 

daughter?" Then Brother Pratt said, "Yes, I would give 

anything to be able to baptize her.." Bishop then said, "Then 

you can baptize her." Man! That was the coolest thing! I 

honestly think this is just what will get him active again!! He 

already promised Ava he will come to church this week too! I 

just love them so much! And when Sister Pratt told me this 

story, I just wanted to shout for joy! I was so happy for their 

family! I just love them to pieces<3

They are the family I skyped home from. I just love them. 

Well have and awesome week! Love you!!

Love always,

Sister Steffani Stokes 

Monday, January 5, 2015

 singing hymes with candles on Christmas eve

 us and sister Boyce

 opening gifts

 Thank you!
 all my gifts from you, members, and gators(:

 me in the supa cute skirt!!

 new years