Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Muncie, Indiana

 Home sweet home

 The Bells made a "Greenie" dinner for us, even tho 
neither one of us is a "Greenie" haha
 going to Indy
 We may have dressed up on Halloween.. haha
 coolest chocolate I have ever seen!

Photos from Kentucky

 Trip to the temple

 Gabbys Baptism

Transfer to Indiana

Transfer to Indiana :)

Sister Chapa
Sister Unklesbay

Last night in Kentucky/ The Fort :)

Last Pday in Kentucky/ Hike

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

October 28, 2014 Kentucky District

 Kentucky District

November 10th

Hey Everyone!

I cannot even begin to believe Amanda and Brenden are both officially done with their missions this week!! Holy guacamole! Man, does time fly by or what?! I will need lots of pictures from their homecomings!(: But from the family mission front we still have Corbin, me, and soon to be Melissa! I feel like we are just moving down Grandmas grandchildren wall with everyone going on missions!! Woooo! I am truly blessed to be a part of my family. Honestly you guys at home are the reason I am able to keep going on the rough days. When I remember how much this gospel has blessed my family, and how I could not do it without all of you, and that gives me the motivation to go out so others can have a family like ours. We aren't perfect, obvi, but the gospel has blessed our family tremendously! 

One thing we did this week was borrow rakes from our relief society president, sister Luke, and we went around to a bunch of members in the ward and rambunctiously raked their yards! It was so fun! Jumping in the piles afterwards is definitely the best part! Haha. 

Sister Driesels birthday was on Sunday! She turned 22 so I feel like she is my older sister(Amanda)! And She has a little sister who is 19, so I am her little sister! Haha. Except for the fact that her sister is married and about to have her first child.. hopefully we aren't the same that way.. or I would probably have to have a serious talk with my mission president.. haha. ;)

One pretty cool thing: we were walking down the street and started talking to everyone, and we ran into a girl named McKayla. We start talking and she tells us that her babys grandma is a mormon. Turns out that Sister Grice, a member in our ward, was her babys grandma! Sister Grice had told us about someone she wanted to refer us to, but didn't think she was quite ready yet.. however, I guess the Lord felt differently! I just thought that was the coolest thing. So we told sister Grice about what happened and she got so excited! She came out to our lesson we set up with them a few days later and started talking to her mom as well. Her mom, Barb accepted baptism on december 13th, McKayla was a little hesitant but was still excited to learn more. I am so excited to continue to teach them! 

Well this week has been awesome! Love it in Indiana, home of the Colts(Just for you Mom!). Don't have too much fun in Portugal without me.(; Have a great week peeps!

Love Always,

Sister Steffani Stokes<3

Monday, November 3, 2014

Muncie Indiana

Hey Everyone!

So this past week we had transfers.. and.. I AM OFFICIALLY A TRI-STATE MISSIONARY!!!!!! I got called to serve in Muncie, Indiana 2.2 ward. Which means I have served in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana! I have only been out for just over 7 months too.. they like to move me a lot.. haha. But I have only been here for a week, but it has been great! I was really sad to leave the "Promised Land" of Kentucky, but God always has a better plan for you. So Trust Him and everything will work out. Nuff said. 

Well my new companions name is Sister Lisa Camille Driesel. She is from Kuna, Idaho and was going to Idaho State before the mission. She is seriously just the coolest missionary. I have so much I can learn from her. They say you either get drafted into Muncie for 6 weeks, or you will be here 6 months. I am hoping for the 6 months. I like staying in an area long enough to get close with the members, and to see the fruits of your labors.(: My new address is 1615 South Glendale Dr. Muncie, Indiana 47304 if you lovely peeps at home would like to send me your love<3 Lol. The place we are staying at is just the cutest thing! Its a little square house instead of an appt. I will send a pic of it(: 

Well have a great week everyone, love you all!

Love always,

Sister Steffani Stokes