Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hey everyone!!

Guess what?! I am 2 decades old!! Say whaaa? I honestly don't know what happened to my time. 20 years old.. I am officially not a teen anymore, yet I am not considered an adult either.. I guess I am a teult(half teen half adult). Eh who knows.

Well my birthday was fantastic!! I have seriously been so blessed to have my birthday and christmas here in Muncie! It is the best place for it! Everyone here is just so sweet! I love the members! Also I feel like heavenely Father may have played a big role on how much fun my birthday was too! He loves me(: So you want to know why it was so great? I will tell ya!

..........It all started the night before.. We were walking back to the house to start planning, when Sister Chismar saw something in front of our door on the floor. She couldn't tell what it was because it was dark, so she kicked it! I look down and it was a birthday cake!!! The O'Sullivans got me a birthday cake!! then the next morning was a Relief Society breakfast, and they sang to me there! Then we had Ava Pratts baptism, and there Brother Pratt was able to baptize and confirm his daughter!! #Miracle He hasn't been coming to church ina really long time, so it has really cool to see that he is started to make his way back! Then got refreshments there, and anything sister pratt makes is soo good!! Then we went and tried some referrals with a member, that we got from a member, and we ended up getting in with 4 people and being able to see them again this week! And then we went to orangeleaf, frozen yogurt place, and Logan bell payed for ours!! She is so sweet! Then we went to the Pratts that night for dinner, and I had told her that I really like marie calenders chocolate pudding pie.. haha.. So she made me one that was really similar! It was great! Our investigator, Allison, went to ava's baptism and went to the dinner that night too. She brought me buffalo wild wings, because she knew I love them and couldn't get them on the mission!! <3 She is the best! Then they all sang to me, and we lit some lanterns(Like from tangled) and made wishes as they blew away. It was the best day ever! Everyone in this ward is just so loving!! Best birthday ever! God was really making sure I had a great birthday I would say(: 

Well Allison is starting to become more independent. She told us Sunday morning that she would be there!! Last Sunday she went to the methodist church with Allen, and said she didn't feel the spirit in that building at all, but felt is super strong in our building!! I am so excited to be going along with her in this journey of hers! I love her!

Well have a great week everyone! Love y'all!

Love always,

Sister Steffani Stokes

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