Monday, January 26, 2015

Hey everyone!!

This week has been great! I am still loving Muncie, IN! This is officially the longest area I have served in! Great news! The Temple thats being built in Indianapolis/Caramel is opening this summer! The open house is starting July 17-August 6th and is getting dedicated at the end of August! I am so excited to have an even closer Temple to us!! Oh and happy Birthday Grandma Fish and Grandma Stokes!! Another year older, another year wiser! I believe that, expecially because I just look up to you two so much! Thanks for all that you do, I love you two!! <3

So we met this guy that goes by Stan the man this week! Haha. He is so great! He is always saying, "Praise the Lord!" and will just randomly start going into a prayer. Like literally you will be talking to him, and he will just start praying! I don't know if I should talk to him while he does that, or just wait for some type of an ending to it.. haha. I love Muncie. So we had a appointment with Stan, the man. However when we got there his son answered the door and said he wasn't there. But we got talking to his son, Daitron, and he was pretty cool too! We asked him if Jesus Christ has played a big role in his life, and his reaction was pretty great! He was like, "Oh ya!! Thats why I have him tattooed all over my face!" He literally had Jesus tatoos all over his face! Haha. Then as we were talking he just went into a prayer, and me and Sister Chismar looked at each other and  both had that look of "what do we do..?" Do we bow our head, or keep talking to him? haha. but we just waited it out. Then he went into this crazy story of how he had stolen his friends motorcycle because he didn't want him to ride it. And someone threw a sprite soda at his back! haha. He went on and on about this sprite soda! Haha. As you could probably guess he was black, I love black people. They are seriously my favorite. Oh and after a minute of us talking his step mother came to the door and was like who is there?! Are you mormons?! *Didn't give us anytime to answer* then she slammed the door in our face! Literally right in the middle of our conversation.. Daitron stepped outside and said sorry about that. He told us to call him Brother Tron before we ended up leaving! We have another time set to meet with him and his dad, Stan the man. I am sooo excited to teach them! Just thought you would like this story, because I know I loved experiencing it!  :D

This week we have been dropping a ton of people, and just trying to fill our teaching pool up with those that will really progress. So we were thinking that this was going to be a really slow week, but Gods grace came in! We had an amazing week and got a ton of things done. God knew we were going to have a potentially slower week than usual because of dropping, but did He ever provide! Trust in God and he WILL provide! 

Love you all, and have a fabulous week!!

Love always,

Sister Steffani Stokes 

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