Monday, December 15, 2014

Hey Everyone!

This week has truly been so much fun! We built a little Christmas corner in our little cute home. Not so cute when you walk in though.. haha. It has this sewer smell that hits you like a brick wall when you first walk in.. But you get used to it after being in for so long.. Hahaha. But anyways, this corner looks like christmas Throw-up! There is no order to the Christmas chaos decorations. But it was so much fun to set up! 

Oh so I have a new companion. Her name is Sister Chismar, and she is from Los Angeles California. She actually came out with me too, but because I had to go home for 2 months for surgery she will be beating me home. Lol. We have just been rockin' Muncie though. I love it here so much! I am just so comfortable with the people here, so I will probably be leaving next transfer. Sad day.. But I will soak it up while I can. This is definitely an area I plan to visit again some day!

So Our investigator Allison Sonsky is seriously just so awesome! I am so excited for her and the path she is taking right now in her life. She is getting baptized this weekend!! Perfect timing to help remember the true meaning of Christmas. But we can all remember the true meaning of Christmas as we just reflect on all He has done for us. Just the simple act of Him coming to the sin-stained world to take on all of our mistakes was a huge act of love. The Birth was such a glorious event. I feel like a lot of times we can forget our Father in Heaven in the midst of Christs birth though. When we see it from his point of view it is just such a pure act of love to all of his children. John 3:16. He knew with a perfect knowledge what His son was going to have to go through for all of us. That must have been sooo hard! But He did it because of His tremendous capacity of Love for you. I know God dearly dearly loves us so much. I could not do this work with out Him. 

Oh funny story: Our investigator, Allison, drove us to transfer meeting with sister Pratt. It was super fun! Once we picked up sister Chismar we started to head back. I heard them in the front seat with the sound of confusion in their voices. So I look out the window, and what did I see? A Great big city on the right side of me. **IT WAS COLUMBUS** Holy cow! We weren't even in our mission boundaries anymore.. haha. We had been driving the wrong way on the freeway for just about 2 hours!! So we turned around and didn't get back to Muncie until 7. We had left transfer meeting at 12:30.. Hahaha. It was Hilarious! Luckily the only appointment we missed was one we had with a member for dinner. They were okay with it, and laughed at our reason we had for missing it! We went to chick-fil-a for dinner with Allison and sister Pratt on the way instead. We had these cow hats that we rocked wearing there. I will send pictures(:

Well I hope everyone can remember the true meaning of Christmas this season. It will make Christmas so much more memorable, trust me. There is no reason to stress if you can't afford presents for everyone or money for a Christmas feast. The real feeling of Christmas doesn't come from a gift or any object for that matter, but it comes from the heart. The spirit will warm your heart right up this season as you reflect what it meant for Christ to come down and be born on the earth. I am especially glad I have that to warm my heart up, because this is supposedly suppost to be the coldest winter yet in Indiana. Last year it was about -40 degrees. So Trust in the Lord, remember Him, and just love everyone!! 

Love y'all,

Sister Steffani Stokes<3

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