Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1st

Errrrrrbody clap your hands! 

We've been having miracles off the hook this week! It has truly been fabulous! But first of all... Man! There is so many things that have happened this week! Congrats to Tyson and Brittany with the 3rd little munchkin on the way!!! :D I am so excited! Amanda and Melissa had their talks this past Sunday.. definitely opposite ends of the spectrum though.. haha. And I feel like there was something else.. but I can't remember, Oh well. Man does time fly by though. I can't believe its already December! The count-down begins to Christmas! Oh have you seen the new mormon message?! Its called "He is the gift." As missionaries we got a little sneak peak before it was released this week!(: Hehe. But I heard on Friday they played it all over time square in New York!!! They rented out all of the billboards there! That is just the coolest thing! The works hastening on. 

Thanksgiving was a blast this week! I am surprised I didn't get homesick, but that was definitely a blessing from on high. We went to 2 members thanksgivings. The first one was more of a thanksgiving lunch with a TON of the Shroyers family in the church Gym to fit everyone. We played some volleyball afterwards, it was so much fun! The funny thing was is that they were playing Christmas music/country Christmas music for their background sound.. haha. But I guess it is never too early to start Christmas! :D Then we went to another member home, the Pratts, for their Thanksgiving. Can I just say, I LOVE THE PRATTS SO MUCH! Sister Pratt is just the sweetest member ever! I feel like we are just life-long friends. Love her to death(: 

Okay so for the miracles.. We saw a less-active sister, Sister Burke, and she has had the hardest time with prayer. Sister Driesel told me that it has been over 6 months since anyone has been able to get her to say a prayer, and she feels like it probably has been even longer than that. Well we went over there on Thursday and watched the restoration with her, which she said she had never seen before, and the spirit was so strong! We Talked a lot about the prayer that he had and the spirit definitely was touching her heart. When we committed her to pray before we left she said no. Flat out no, which she always did in the past too.  I was so surprised though! I thought for sure that she would, because of how strong the spirit in the room was. But then I had the impression to share the scripture in Matthew 13:25-31 about Peter walking on water, and how saying that prayer would be taking that leap of faith but the Lord is not going to let you sink. the moment you start to fall he will pick you back up. She felt like her prayer was going to sound stupid. Well after we shared that scripture and talked about it she went straight into a prayer! I have never felt my joy overflow like it did that night! I can't even explain to you how happy I was for her. I just love that lady so much! Well that was just one of the many miracles this week! I am just so grateful to be a missionary at this time to help the Lord hasten his work, because man oh man is it hastening! Well have a great week everyone, love you all!

Love always,

Sister Steffani Stokes(:

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