Monday, December 8, 2014

Hey Everyone!

So as you know transfers are this week.. I am staying and my companion is leaving me. I will miss her, but I am excited to make more friendships here on the mission! I have just loved each of my companions(: 

This week there has been many miracles! We got some awesome people we are going to start working with from this Nativity event that the stake had put together! They decorate the entire building and set up rooms filled with nativity sets! There was about 500 nativity sets throughout the building, I will send some pictures(: It was such an awesome activity, it really softened the hearts of those who came and tried it out. They realized we weren't crazy people, but we are normal and they felt the spirit in the building. There were also more non-members then members that had showed up too! So cool!

 Also there was a member family that sister Driesel was a little nervous to work with, but we started working with them anyways and it was so awesome! We built our relationship with their family so much last night! I just love them, and they offered their home to us for whenever we need to teach a lesson! I just love members!

 Then we have an investigator, originally from Jamaica, that we have been working with to be baptized on the 20th. The way we were able to find her was through one of the members daughters too! The Pratts little girl McKayla (6yrs old) Was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up in school, and said she wanted to be a missionary. Everyone started asking what a missionary was, and she just started sharing the gospel with all of them in class! We were able to start meeting with one of the little girls families from that and that is how we met Allison our investigator working towards the 20th to be baptized! She is already planning on her daughter getting baptized next year when she turns 8! Miracles are seriously just happening everywhere!! I am just loving missionary work! Its hard, but well worth it! I love the people in Muncie so much! 

Love always,

Sister Stokes 

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