Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hey everyone!
This past week has just been phenomenal! Today is actually a weird day, I promise I am not just being disobedient writing on a Tuesday. We switched our p-day to Tuesday this week because it was Labor day. Which means lots of families would be together(: So as districts throughout our mission we all had  a sidewalk chalk day! It was sooo much fun! We drew the plan of salvation out on busy streets and would literally walk them from start to finish through their life! Lol. It was a really successful day! We, as a mission, got 276 new gators in one day! And now we already have 45 people on date to get baptized this month! The work is definitely moving forward!
So the miracle person we had found this week would definitely be Daphne. She is 14 years old, freshy in high school, andis just the cutest thing ever! So we were walking back to our car from being out a few hours in the hot humid air. So we were definitely trying to get in the ac car as soon as possible, but daphne comes walking along and we met at the exact same time on the street of this corner about to each head in completely diff directions. Well of course we talk with her, and she totally wanted to hear more, so she walks us to her house where we can sit and talk for a while. We taught her Resto and she felt the spirit really strong. I asked her if she would follow Jesus Christs example and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God and she said yes! She had been looking for a church to join and be baptized in. Plus she said her family is going through a really hard time and needs this in their lives too, so she set up a return apt for us to go and teach her whole family! Woooo! I am just so excited about this family. I love her like a little sister(:
On the other hand, there was an investigator we were trying to go and see for an appt. Their names are Kim and Joyce. Well Joyce comes outside before we can get even to her yard and basically breaks up with us.. She said that we were basically tearing them apart and that she knows that this isn't the true church. She had been grown up as a Baptist and plans to stick with that. However Kim would literally hang on every word we told him. He loved learning about our church and I know that if we could keep teaching him he would be baptized. Even in lessons Kim would tell Joyce to just have an open mind about this, because he thinks it is true. Joyce would always say, "How do you know its true, we could be going down the wrong path by listening to these ladies.." One lesson she just got up and walked out.. I tried everything to reach out to her. She was a really sweet lady, but closed off to any other religious belief. It just breaks my heard to stop teaching Kim. I just love him. :( It just re-illustrated to me just how important it is to marry someone from the beginning who believes in the same things I do. It would be so hard to not. Kudos to those who can, you are definitely strong(:
Oh and of course I need to add in an awkward moment. Last night we took a district photo and the elders were standing next to me. So my natural reaction was to put my arm around the elder next to me for the picture... ya... super awk! Hahaha. He totally moved to the opposite side for the picture.. :( Lol. But we all laughed about it(:
Well make the most of this week everyone! :D
Love always,
Sister Steffani Stokes<3

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