Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Kaylin!!! I hope you have a great birthday! Holy cow you're 19, and the mission just around the corner! You are going to love it girl!

Well this week was great! I got to meet with some members, the McBrides, this week. He is our ward mission leader. It was such a great lesson, I love them to death! He said he kept getting a feeling that they should move to Las Vegas! Woooooooooo! If they do, you can meet them, and I can see them when I get home!(:
We also went to dinner with the cutest old lady this week. She is widowed, and has lots of money, so she took us to a super fancy restaurant! It was 1 of 22 rotating restaurants in the united states. It had an awesome view of the skyline of Cinci.
Had to supervise the Elders when they went to this other members house to pray with him... because I guess there are major superstitions that he is gay.. lol. So that was a very interesting visit, because we didn't really know what we were doing. We were just told that we had to be there with them.
Oh miracle! Totally saw the Kim that his wife Joyce told us not to come by anymore and she would tell Kim. He was outside gardening the front yard when we walked by. So naturally we all start talking to each other, and he said that he missed us and didn't know why we didn't stop by his house anymore.. it then got silent for a few seconds and he connected the dots himself. Needless to say Joyce didnt talk to Kim about what she had told us. He said he wants to learn more, but we don't want to tear apart their marriage.. hard situation.. but the ball is in his court if he ever wants to do anything about it. We told him when church is and when institute is. So I guess we will see with him(:
Met an Indy lady at Penn Station. She was working, but kept asking us tons of questions about the church. She is a little slow, because she is still learning English(She says) But she has  been here since she was 3. She is from Romania and she didn't know who Jesus Christ was, or even what a prayer was! I can't even imagine not knowing who He is. That knowledge has helped me so much in my life! Well we taught her the very basics, and she felt the spirit and wants to be baptized! Yayy! So that was pretty sweet!
Well Love y'all, and just keep press on. Life is too short to stop pressing on. Enjoy every stage of life, and every situation you are in. Peace.
Love always,
Sister Steffani Stokes

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