Monday, September 15, 2014

Just got the transfer call, and I am going to be staying in the promised land! Woooooooooo!!! I seriously love love love this area, this ward, all the people, and my companion! Life is great! My companion is going to be staying here as well. She thought she was going to be leaving, so she tried to get a head start on packing.. but that backfired because now she has to unpack.. haha. Well this is going to be the first transfer meeting since I have been out on a mission that I will not be going to. Thats so weird. Weither I was leaving the area or just getting a new companion every 6 weeks there was something different to switch things up. But I am so excited to be staying in Kentucky, I need a little bit longer here to pick up my Kentucky accent! ;D Haha.. but seriously.
Well as you know this past Monday we went to the Reds Game!!!! It was so much fun! I think the best part of it all was seeing everybody I know. I could care less about the game itself, but it was the people around me that made it so great! Honestly I think how I felt there is how it is going to feel in heaven when we see everyone we love again. Also the moment you get to see your family again in the airport after the mission will feel just like heaven. I am just so excited for heaven(: But I will post some red game pictures for y'all!
So we went to that gross house to do more service this week, and it was actually really fun this time. Minus all the bugs that try to climb on you, and the constant runny nose because of the stench.. but it was fun because brother Bell decided that the sisters needed to do something fun. Because the Elders have gotten to do all the big fun projects on the house thus far. So he let us tear down some walls for him with a sledge hammer!!! It was so fun! He told the Elders that they would be doing the cleaning while we ripped things apart..Tehehehe(: However I think some of the elders missed the memo, because we started to tear it down, and they took it over.. lol. Boys will be boys i guess. They ended up getting in trouble with Brother Bell for it though, it was pretty funny if I say so myself.
Last night we ate dinner at the Wardrops home. I seriously just love this family so much, they're great! So their son, Johnny, made us some butterbeer for dessert like from Harry Potter! So we decided to come up with a Harry Potter themed lesson. We used the scripture Mormon 9:22-24 and related what it said to harry potter. Afterwards they asked if they could call our mission president to ask if we would be able to stay here longer. Haha. We are staying anyways, so I guess it all worked out.
Oh Sunday this guy pulls us out of Relief Society and pulls the elders out of Priesthood meeting and tells us to follow him. So we do. We get to the library and he offers us all this old missionary teaching material, none of us wanted it though.. they said they were just trying to get rid of all the old stuff. So I ask, "Are all the books going too?"  She says, "yes." So it obviously became chaotic with a roomful of missionaries that are spiritually hungry for any extra knowledge we can obtain. So needless to say we all left the library with as many books as we could carry. they gave us boxes to carry them in because there were so many! That was missionary Christmas/heaven right there! Lol. So I will be sending a box of books home within this month sometime(: Lol. Feel free to look through them and read some if you want.
Well have a great week everyone! Love ya bunches!
Love always,
Sister Steffani Stokes

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