Monday, September 8, 2014

Yippy Kiayyyyyyyy!
Baseball game tonight!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I am sooo stoked! We will be in our proselyting clothes still, so you will probably still be able to pin point where we are in the crowd if you watch it! Its our whole mission, so you can't miss us. So turn on the sports tonight! :D

So this week we were totally able to patched up a heart who was turned away from the sister missionaries! I guess there were sisters in the past that hurt Sister Rich(Feeling wise). But we were able to mend it up! This happened about a year ago too, so we were real excited! She is just the cutest old lady(:
Oh and we were cleaning the Bells house they will be moving into soon for some service. They leant their house to their daughters family and they destroyed it! Man oh man was that house disgusting! Luckily we are making some progress.. but here is just a little bit of what we were working with: Smudged poop on the ground(human), spiders off the wazoo(I almost cried about 100 times), dead pieces of bug attached to the clothes and whatever else was in that house, spider webbs you walked into every couple of seconds, everything smelt like cat pee, oh and can't forget the bake'n'shake meth we found in the basement. So ya, as you can imagine that was definitely the highlight of my week(: Lol. Man! I have decided from this point on that I am going to have a clean house. That is all.
We met our progressing investigators(Barb) husband this week! She wants to be baptized but wants the consent of her husband first, and so far he doesn't like the idea. However, we ate lunch with them at this mexican food place, and really worked on our relationship with him! We are really close with him, and I think his heart is starting to soften! I am super excited! However we still havent brought up baptism to him yet, because barb told us not to.. sensitive topic still. But wish us luck!
Well hope y'all have a great week this week!
Love always,
Sister Stokes

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