Friday, August 29, 2014

Hey everyone!
This week has been great! We went out contacting and met this one guy in front of his house. We taught him the restoration. He said that he wasn't really the religious kind of person, but we taught him anyway(: So before I shared the first vision with him I told him that the spirit would be here and that he would be able to feel it. So I shared it and asked him if he had felt those peaceful feelings the spirit brings, and he said, "Strangely enough, yes!" I was so excited, I felt like shouting Hallelujah! Haha. I just love teaching the restoration! Well the only thing about Dillon is that we tried to stop by to see him again, but the first time we tried back he drove out of his driveway right in front of us.. literally i could touch his car without moving, so that was a little awko. Then we try by a second time and he is just walking out of his house with his little girl to go pick up someone at a bus stop, so he says try back later. We go back for then 3rd try, and he is out front just chillin on the front steps of his house. So sis Holm and I were super excited! He sees us and quickly goes inside.. So we knock on the door, his sister answers and says that he isn't home.. then we go back to the car all confused. we get in car, he comes back outside in his front yard, looks at us, sees sis Holm reaching for the door handle to go back out to talk to him, and he quickly runs inside again.. Man! I just don't understand some people. I know that he had felt the spirit in that lesson we first had with him. It was a super spiritual lesson! However he is purposely trying to avoid us. And what stinks even more is that I found such a love in this guy, brother love, and he seemed so promising. Missionary work can be ruff sometimes, but it really is the best thing in the world! I just hope someday, when he is ready, other missionaries will teach him and give him the best thing that is in all of our lives: The gospel.
Guess what?!?
I am going to a Reds baseball game in Cinci with my whole mission!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I am so pumped! President Porter just announced this at the beginning of this past week! We get to invite gators, less-actives, and one member. We already claimed our bishop! We love him(: He called us his daughters on Sunday(: Lol. So we call him Papa Park! Haha. The game is going to be on September 8th at 7pm. I am seriously so Stoked! Ha! Get it? I am a Stokes and I am Stoked! Man, every time I get into a new ward everyone sees my name and goes, "Well Sister Stokes, we are so Stoked to have you in our ward!" The funny thing is that they all think that they are being original with the joke, so I laugh and pretend I have never heard that one in my life.. Lol. Oh but something cool I came up with last night..
I am so STOKED to go see some HOLM-runs at the Reds game! Hahaha.
Something else I was thinking about recently.. I have been in 3 different areas with 4 different companions in just 4 months! Isn't that insane? I really like this area in Kentucky though, so I hope I stay here awhile. 

Well I hope everyone has a great week! I love all of you!
-Sister Steffani Stokes<3

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