Monday, August 4, 2014

Hey Errrbody,

Sister Lee is leaving tomorrow! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! :,',( (a crying face). She is headed back to the real world. Me and her are seriously so alike, I can't even stress it enough! I seriously love her so much. Does that mean I seriously love myself? Haha. Well anyways, I think the short amount of time we have had together has really taught me a lot. I now know that missionary work can be fun! Its the best thing EVER! Everyone should do it! All you people back at home better be doin' some mish work, because you even get the blessing of choosing who you do it with! Haha. Wouldn't of understood that blessing if I didn't serve a mission. Well I feel like this has been really good for her too, because since we are so alike she is going to have the same kind of problems that I faced when I was home. Well minus the whole surgery part of it. haha. So I have been telling her what sort of things satan will try to throw at her right when she gets home, because he definitely does. Also I was giving her tips on things to do when she gets home to keep up on all the mish stuff, because you literally can loose it in a heartbeat! So I am glad that my knowledge of stuff I learned from being home is able to help someone(: 

Funny thing, so the other night we went to a members home for dinner(The Farnsworths). And she made us this delicious french toast casserole thing!(: Well my companion, Sister Lee, gets up halfway through the meal and heads to the bathroom. Well me and the Farnsworths went through quite a few different long conversations while she was still in there. So eventually one of their little girls, Hallie who is 7, she goes and knocks on the door and says... "You've been in there for quite some time!" HAHAHAHAHA. Right before she said that I took a big bite of this french toast stuff, but I nearly spit it out trying to hold back my laughing! Both of the parents just started cracking up laughing, it was hilarious! Worst timing to take a big bite of food! Well when the laughing died down we could hear Sister Lee in the bathroom dying with laughter! Haha. So we all start laughing again! It was the best! Then later we moved to the living room to teach them a lesson. But before we were talking about favorite movies. One of their other little girls goes,"My favorite is George of the Jungle!" Then I go,"Oh! Thats a funny monkey!" Haha. Then Sister Lee just looks at me funny, then I realized where I went wrong.. I was thinking Curious George for some strange reason.. Haha. The whole point of the movie she said was that he wasn't a monkey! Too funny.. Then finally we were able to start the lesson. We decided to play a game because they had a few little girls. So we play the Choose The Right game! Basically its where you read a slip of paper with either a right or wrong choice we can make in life. They then would put it in either the right pile of the wrong pile according to what they think. Little kids LOVE this game, seriously. Well one of their little girls, who is 3, grabs a paper. She couldn't read so she was bringing it to her dad. He asked her,"What does it say?" However he knew he was going to have to read it because she can't read. But she decided to try anyways. She looks at the paper and goes,"Having Babies!" Hahahahaha! It was the cutest/funniest thing! And the one she had was actually 2 lines long, so she wasn't even close.. but man! Best dinner appointment ever! There were so many funny things that happened! 

Well keep pressing on guys! I seriously cannot tell you how much you are blessed by God for just being a part of His restored church! I have seen so many different families, and all of the members are in better situations of life. Maybe not financially, but always better stability in their relationships. Also they are always way happier! Like a lot of the people we teach have lots of problems, but overtime those problems disappear or just seem less stressed over. Then their kids end up having even better lives than the original converts could have even imagined for their kids! I have seen the timeline of this with tons of different people we teach. Eventually things will get better if you keep turning to God. The gospel blesses families! It does. No one could convince me otherwise. God helps us so much when we make right choices and come into a pattern/habit of turning to Him! If you don't believe me, test it out! What is there to lose? I promise He will be there for you, and you will be even happier than you ever thought possible! 

Oh and something that literally just happened.. this worker guy just walked in and asked if we knew anything about the stake presidents office. So we go basically our knowledge of that extends to where it is located in the building. lol. Then he goes, "Oh well I just wanted to relay the message to someone that everything in there is now working in there." Then I go,"Well we know the missionaries that work in this building, so we will tell them." Then Sister Lee goes,"We are the missionaries that work in this building!" Then I was like,"Ohhhhhh..." Then we both just started cracking up! It was super embarrassing! Why do I embarrass myself? I ask this same question almost everyday.. Hahaha. Well have a grreat day!

Love Always,

Sister Steffani Stokes<3

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