Monday, August 18, 2014

Hey Everyone!
This week has truly been great! We started off the week doing service for this Lady that had broken her back. She couldn't weed her backyard and it got really bad! Her pool was mostly dried up, and there was muddy water at the bottom. Somehow plants had started to grow in there and there we tons of frogs just chillen in there! Haha. It was great! Well as we are weeding her backyard we look at the plants and realize that it was mostly Poison Ivy!!! Ahhh! Luckily we had gloves on, but one of the plants did touch my arms.. Luckily again I had only gotten a few bumps from it that looked like hives. So that was cool(:
Also this week Sister Holm and I were trying to fill up our teaching pool again, so we went out personal contacting through a neighborhood we havent really been in before. We talked to sooo many people! We ran into this garage sale of antique things, and I tried out this scale that you would put in a penny to try it out with. It told me that I only weight 56 lbs!!! So that basically made my day! On a different scale Sister Holm weight -4lbs.. Haha. Well we left there and ran into this lady named Sandy. She was up on her porch but she ended up coming down to talk with us, it was awesome! So we talked a little bit about the church and she started to get watery eyes. Then I said that it wasn't a coincidence that we ran into her today, she said I know. So we have plans to meet with her again next week! She also gave us some waters before we left. I just love her(:
Then another day me and Sister Hol went PC(Personal Contacting) through another neighborhood and had no luck. So we just keep "Enduring" and trying. Then we get to a dead end, but decide to keep going. At the end of the road there was a little road that turned off of it. We followed it for a quarter mile and it ended up leading us to a girl scout cookie place!!! WOOOO! We were super excited! So of course I had to get the Thanks-a-lot cookies(: Well from that I learned there is always something good for us waiting at the end, if we will just keep enduring long enough to find it!(: Lol. It was great! Sadly though the humidity kinda killed the short bread part of the cookie though, they turned soft. Well have a great week! Love you all!
-Sister Steffani Stokes(:

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