Thursday, February 20, 2014

Email from Mission President

Dear Missionary Parents,
Your missionary has arrived in the great Ohio Cincinnati Mission!  We very much look forward to the strength she will be to this great work.  Many thanks for all you are doing to assist.  Your ongoing letters of encouragement and prayers of faith are so important.  We constantly ask the Lord to pour out His spirit upon our missionaries, members, and the people of Ohio and invite you to join us in daily prayers on their behalf.  We are promised that we can know we are being successful every day when we feel the Spirit testify to people through us, when we love people and desire their salvation, and obey with exactness and honor.  [See Preach My Gospel, page 10].
Your missionary’s preparation day will be on Mondays and will be emailing you then.    She will tell you the apartment address where you can send letters and packages.  Please know that these addresses may change with every transfer (which is six weeks). You are always welcome to call us at the office to confirm their current address (513-389-1534).  You may send mail to the office, but be aware that we can't forward packages and are sometimes slow to deliver the mail as we only do so at zone meetings, etc.
We are excited to share photos with you of some of our events on Facebook!  Search for our page, Ohio Cincinnati Mission.
Attached is an awesome photo of your missionary with us at the Mission Home! 
Also attached is an article with suggestions for you and your family to help support your missionary.  Please print it out and share it with your family:
We appreciate your love, support and obedience to these mission rules which will help your missionary serve with all his heart, might, mind and strength.
With thanks and warm regards,

John P. Porter and Sister Porter
President, Ohio Cincinnati Mission

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