Monday, February 24, 2014

1st Email in the Field

Family and Friends!!!
This first week out here has seriously been soooo great! I love missionary work! My first real companions name is Sister Kylee Chapa. You actually pronounce it as Chopa though.. Haha. Well she is the best companion I could have ever asked for, I feel like we are best friends already! Funny story tho, on the plane ride here I was preparing myself for the worst companion ever. I told Heavenly Father that I was ready to grow, so I assumed I was going to get on of those people that just hate you for no reason. However, I got the complete opposite of that. Oh, and what is really cool about her is that she stayed at Ventana over the summer and she knows the same people I know from when I was there! So we were living in the same building all summer, my friends were her friends, and we never even met! I just thought that that was crazy! Oh and she worked with Kamra at the telephone place.. But ya we are basically BFF comps now. Lol. Well the people here are really nice, the are almost all Africans. Most of them have recently moved here from Ghana and Togo. Anytime we tract into an African they ALWAYS let us in. However when we tract into a African American, or a white person, they hardly ever let us in or even listen to us... I hope that doesn't sound racist, cause its not. I love everyone!! (: I just thought it was interesting how different everyone reacts to the missionaries. So when I first got here we found 3 creepy spiders within the first 2 days! I HATE spiders... So I pulled out my hairspray, of course, and I sprayed them until they stuck to the wall and couldn't move.. Hahaha. Then I made Sister Chapa get them with a tissue(: We haven't had any spiders since then, so sis Chapa thinks I brought them over with me from my MTC suitcases. I seriously hope not tho, because that means they were crawling all over my clothes! EHH! gross. Oh so I read this really cool scripture in the MTC, later to find out that it is our mission scripture. You guys should all read it! Its D&C 38:32 and it says Ohio in it! I just thought that was way cool, because that's where I am right now. Oh so my area I got sent to is Fairfield Ohio. Its basically a Henderson to Las Vegas. They still call it Cincinnati here just like I always tell people I am from Vegas(: Lol. I told one person I was from Vegas, and they were like, "Isn't that kind of an oxymoron?" Haha. Oh and I tell people I left sin city to come to Cincinnati, sound that out slowly. If you didn't get it, it kinda sounds like sin city as well! Haha. Oh and apparently the mission home doesn't want my mail sent to the mission home, so my new address is
11780 Passage Way #162
Cincinnati, OH 45240
Oh so I had this really cool experience happen to me the other day. So I had to fill out this paperwork for my drivers license here and send it to the mission home. However, I couldn't find my license anywhere and I remembered setting it down in the mission pres. house when I first got there. I wasn't 100% sure tho.. Well anyways I prayed to know where it was and for help in finding it, and this image flashed through my head. It was sooo cool! I saw my license in the front page of my scriptures. Then I thought to myself, "No way is it there. I would never put my license in the front page of my scriptures." Surely enough I looked, and it was there exactly how I just saw it in my head!! I just love how Lord helps us with the simplest of things. If what your concerns seem simple, don't ever think they don't matter. If its important to you, its important to God. I am so glad I decided to come on a mission, I have noticed so many differences in my life since I have left. Honestly I think that everyone needs to go on a mission now. The mission just helps you grow so much! Its crazy how different I feel about things compared to before I had left. It definitely changes your perspective. Oh and I just wanted to say this, because I didn't have time to in the MTC. Well while I was there I saw 3 friends from EFY, and I saw Isabel Thayer, Marc Harris, and Taralyns cousin! She thought I was Amanda.. it was really funny! Well I still don't miss anyone from home, sorry bout dat. I am so glad I don't tho, because that would make this so much harder. I love all of you guys still, just don't quite miss you yet. I hope everyones week goes great, and stay strong! Help the missionaries back home. We seriously live off of referrals. We haven't gotten one random investigator since I have been here. The only investigators that we get are from referrals, so missionary work heavily weighs on the members as well. Oh and if I ever say gators I mean investigators.. everyone out here calls them that, so I feel like that is going to stick.. Haha. Well love you all, and don't forget who you are!
<3, Sister Stokes

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