Thursday, February 20, 2014

Email from Member, Steffani's 1st area

I'm Susan Unklesbay from the Fairfield Ward in Ohio.  We met your daughter last night!  We're so happy to have her here!

She and Sister Chapa are thrilled to be together.  They are already acting like they've been best friends for life.  They said when they went to bed Tuesday night (their first day together), they stayed up talking a little longer than they should have!  Sister Chapa is from Payson, Utah, and she's been on her mission six months now.  Your daughter is her second missionary to train and she's wonderful!

We also have a set of elders in our ward, and my family loves our missionaries!  We typically feed one set every week.  If there's ever anything you want me to do for Sister Stokes, big or small, I will.  Anything.

One of our sons is currently serving in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission.  The members are so kind to him and we want to do the same for the missionaries here.

I take a picture or two every time I see the missionaries.  I know how important that is to their families!  Enjoy a moment of your daughter's second day in the mission field!

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