Monday, June 8, 2015

Hey Everyone!!! 

This week has been crazy!! I feel like I have been full out sprinting all week! Its hard, but it feels so good! I gave a training to the whole zone, got a mini missionary, brought a recently returning member to the Temple, went on exchanges, Fulfilled a million assignments, got a million assignments, Done lots of paper work, nightly phone calls to the zone, Traveling in circles, building trust, A ton more meetings, Plus a ton of other things! And somehow, with the Grace of God, we still managed to get the normal work done. I see God working through me every single day! I see multiple miracles every single day! I am on the front line of the Lords work right now, and I literally see Him hastening His work!  It is the best feeling ever! I love working hard! I have never loved it so much in my entire life! I love constantly thinking of what to do next and there is a long list of a next thing to do. I hope all of you have been able to find the joy that comes out of working hard! Yes, you get tired, but you just don't dwell on that. Focus on your purpose, and you get a burst of energy to move forward. Then as you mark on thing off at a time it kind of becomes a game. Challenge yourself! The comforter can't comfort you if you're comfortable! President taught that there are 4 phases to a missionaries life. Greenie Phase, Competent Phase, Leadership Phase, and Power phase. I have had moments of power phases throughout my mission, but I have felt like I have been in that category all week! Find the Power!!! 

In Leadership Council with President Porter he talked a lot about Trust and Humility. I always learn so much from that man! I love him so much!! I hope to be able to teach like him someday! My mind is blown away every single time he opens his mouth. The spirit floods from him. My Bishop here, Bishop Hooper, said, "The spirit emulates from you sisters!!" It was a really nice comment, but nothing compared to President! I can't wait to reach that point of knowledge and understanding that he has! Humility has multiple definitions.. I can't remember them all.. but here is some. Humility isn't to think less of yourself, but to think of yourself less. Its not a sign of weakness, but a sign of spiritual strength. Whenever you do something good you feel uncomfortable with, you can know that you have humility. Submitting your will to God is a sign of humility. God knows best! So Trust him. If you have trust problems now, why do you think you wouldn't have trust problems when you are in Relationships later on in life? 

Funny Story: So we had a lesson with Julian again this week. We were teaching him about prophets. We asked him if he believed prophets could be on the earth again? And if he believed Thomas Monson to be a prophet of God. He said yes! Then we asked what does it mean to you to know that there is a prophet of God on the Earth again today? He replied, "Its kinda like when I found out that Obama was the next President of the United States!" Sister Davis began to say something along the lines of, "Yes, but finding..." Then she just stopped herself, pan-eked and looked at me.. I began testifying about prophets. Haha. So you may already have a sense of what she was going to say, at least I did! I was about to break into laughter, but luckily I kept it together. Later we talked about it, and she was going to say, " Yes, But finding out that there is a prophet on the earth is a lot more exciting that finding out that Obama is the next President.." She realized, as she began to start that sentence in the lesson, that he might of actually like obama.. hahahaha! I was dying! 

Well whenever you are looking for comfort and ease in this life, get down on your knees and ask for help. When you start looking for the easy way out of things, you will find yourself getting in trouble.

Have a great week!!! 

Love always,

Sister Steffani Stokes <3

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