Monday, June 1, 2015

Hey Everyone!!

So ready for craziness!!! So I stayed in Cherry Grove but I received a new companion.I am now with Sister Davis! The funny thing about this is that she served in the Eastgate ward, just a transfer ago, and now she is back. Same church building, just a different ward. We are in the same apartment she was once in too, because of Robert, which they are thinking about moving us again.. But anyways, she was my sister training leader before and now she is teaching me how to be a sister training leader! Haha. When they called our names at transfer meeting and said we were going to be companions we literally both shouted for joy!! My heart was so full! I think we sounded like an earthquake when we full on sprinted towards each other to give each other a hug! We call those super loud hard hugs at transfer meetings "elder hugs." We had an Elder Hug!!! Hahaha. This transfer is going to be a BLAST! She only has this last transfer before she goes home though.. :(

So we had a miracle this week! We were trying to get a hold of one of the less-actives in the ward, Sister Proffit,  because the ward couldn't get a hold of her for a couple of weeks. She wasn't answering her phone calls or her texts. And it was impossible to get in to knock on her door, because the front outside door is always locked. There was no way to ring any of the doors there either.. So by the grace of God, when we got there, she just happened to pull up in someones car from an appointment. So we were able to talk with her and we got in to teach her a lesson. She had gotten a new number, so we got that so we could keep in touch now. While there we got to talk to Julian, her grandson, for a little. He isn't a member and used to meet with missionaries 6 years ago. He expressed to us that he wanted to change and get going to church again. He said that he has all this weight on his shoulders from the past mistakes he has made! My joy couldn't be fuller at that moment!! I know I sound crazy, but its because I knew exactly what would help him. The Atonement. I was so excited to teach him more about the Atonement and how it could help him in his life. As we talked more about what Christ did and provided for him the spirit in the room was so strong!! We set up a time to meet with both of them again. We saw them again this weekend. We taught him about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The spirit was there again, and I extended baptism to him for the 20th of June. He accepted!!!! It might take a little longer then that, because he has a past. But we will see what President can do!(: I think this is just what Sister Proffit needs to get active again! They both commited to come to church!! Julian came, however Sister Proffit didn't.. but it doesn't take away from the miracle! She is coming next week!(: 

Well I just love all of you guys back at home so much! Thanks for all you do! Keep your chins up, and know that miracles are just around the corner! When your exact, they come. No ifs or buts about it. "I the Lord am bound when ye do what I say, but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise." Keep the commandments and covenants you have made with God and you will make it through. CPR stands for Church, Pray, Read. That is how you keep your spirit alive. Its CPR for the soul.  Don't forget to do any of those. You lose the promises God has given you when you don't. But he pours blessings upon us when we do!

Have a great week!

Love always,

Sister Steffani Stokes

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