Monday, June 29, 2015

Hey Everyone!!!

This week, as usual, has been full of Gods grace! Miracles are found every which way I look! I love seeing this all happen in the front lines! I love Sister Davis! She is just the best!

 So as you know, Sister Davis is going home next week.. So we have been trying to remain focused this last bit together. We have been kicking out thoughts of home together to remain focused! IT FEELS SO MUCH BETTER TO STAY FOCUSED! So that is definitely something else I have learned on my mission. Satan tries to trick us into having trunky/home thoughts, because they provide temporary comfort and happiness. However, when you go and try to fulfill your calling,(after the home thoughts) it all of a sudden gets super uncomfortable to go and talk to that random person. However, if you remained focused on your calling, then went up to talk to that random person, you would have had the comforter with you to give you the words to say. Then the Spirit could have touched their hearts and yours and you would be full of joy and happiness! Satan is a little slipper serpent. He is full of Knowledge and power(if we let him) but he lacks in intelligence. We know that to be the light of Christ. I have learned that those members who know a ton about the gospel, but don't come to church, read scriptures, pray.. etc.. they are full of knowledge, but they lack intelligence that comes from acting on the knowledge we receive. They don't act on the knowledge they have. And they are accountable for the knowledge they have.. yikes! As we live by acting on our faith and knowledge we are able to see why we are asked to do that! We receive the intelligence through one act of faith at a time. I hope you have a great week! 

Love always,

Sister Stokes<3

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