Monday, April 28, 2014

Hey Everyone!!
Yesterday we had 3 of our investigators come to church! I was super excited! And of those three was one of my first investigators. I don't know if you guys remember me writing about Katie? Well anyways, we had lost contact with her for a couple weeks.. I was seriously so sad. She literally was the definition of a "Golden Investigator." Well we finally get into contact with her this past week. Oh and keep in mind that we have been trying to but her on a baptismal date for a long time now. She just hadn't felt ready, and then she wanted her sister to be there for her who is about 8 1/2 months preggo! Also she lives 2 hours away in Columbus. Well she kept telling us that she felt she needed to be baptized on the 6th of May. However that wouldn't of worked because she wanted her sister to be there, and that would be right around when her sister was gong to have her baby. So we tried for earlier, didn't feel ready yet. Then we found out that she started going to Catholic mass again. However when we talked to her she told us it just didn't feel the same as our church. They were focusing on his death, while we focus on his life and that He still lives! So me and sister Bergeson have been praying what seems non-stop for her. And we come to find out that her sister had an emergency c section last week! So now her sister would be able to come to her baptism, as long as she heals up okay. But Man! The Lord really does work in mysterious ways! Katie is awesome! And I know that this gospel has been changing her life. She has been a lot more happy lately too! :D
Yesterday me and sister Bergeson went to the park to personal contact. It was a really nice warm day, so we decided to soak up the sun!(: Well we write on all of these pass along cards our # and a mormon message video. We had talked to so many people! And I definetly know that Gods grace was with us, because we were able to get a bunch of new gators! Wooo! It was AWESOME! I love being a missionary so much, I love seeing the gospel bless peoples lives. Well anyways, one of the more memorable contacts we had at this park was with a lady named J___ sadly I can't remember.. Lol. Not so memorable after all I guess.. Haha. Well anyways she was walking her dog passed us, and we said hi and talked a little bit about her dog. However she didn't once look at us, and just kept on walking. So I thought nothing of that. Well we are working our way around this little lake thing when we run into her again. We start talking, and she is actually looking at us at this point. Then she tells us that she had met with the missionary elders in the past and just loved them! Then she told us that she didn't realize that we were missionaries at first, but could tell there was something different about us. She also said that she felt this spirit that she had felt once with the elder missionaries in the past when she walked past us, and it made her feel really good! Then when we were talking to her again she said she definitely knew that we were servants of the Lord. I gave her the address for our church and time and she said that she would come this coming sunday! I am super excited about her. She was super cute.
Another gator we are teaching is this really cute lady named Chrissie. She is 55 and she lives with her boyfriend Raven. The funny thing is that she knows it is wrong to be doing that, so that saved us an awkward conversation! Lol. Just kidding, kinda.. Well we taught her the restoration, plan of salvation, and we taught her about the book of mormon. She LOVES the Book of Mormon! She has just dived right into it! And the best part of it all is that I know that I have seen her change drastically from the time we met her to now. She has let the gospel change her, and it has truly been cool to see it changing her life. She told me on exchanges the other day that, she knows that she is going to come to our church and be baptized eventually, but she said that she was just being a little stubborn! Haha. She is great!
Well I hope everyone back at home is doing awesome! I seriously love my mission so much, and don't even get me started on my companion! She has forever changed the way I look at my mission. I am finding so much joy in this work! I have also come to the knowledge that you gain a testimony of something by sharing it. If anyones testimony is faultering I want to invite you to bear it to someone. I can promise you that as you do so, you will be able to feel the spirit bearing witness that what you are saying is true. Right as you are saying it!  So bear your testimony to someone this week! Just Do It! - as Nike would say
Also I learned this really cool incite the other day by listening to one of John Bytheway talks. This is for those people who have made mistakes, who now feel as though they aren't worthy to go to church now. He basically was saying that you don't fix your car and then bring it into the mechanic, you don't clean you house and then have a house cleaner come over. That completely takes away the point f their job. You don't try to fix your teeth and then come see my Dad!(: Lol. He would say, "Why would you try to do that yourself? That is my job to help fix your teeth." No, you don't fix your problem and then ask for help by someone who knows how to fix it. Just like those people who don't come to church because they don't feel worthy and they feel like they are going to be judged while there. You go to church because you sin. We all sin, therefore we NEED to come to church. Church is a place were sinners go to try to become better. Aren't we all trying to be better? Don't judge others, just don't do it. If they are coming to church, that means that they are trying. Like Jesus Christ said while on the earth. Paraphrased: Let him that is without sin cast the first stone. Be loving of your brothers and sisters. We aren't perfect. I am definetly not perfect, but I am trying. That is all that matters. Try your best and help lift others in the process! Have a great week! Love you all!
Love always,
Sister Steffani Stokes

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