Monday, April 14, 2014

Hey everyone!!
So I dont have much time this week, but this week has seriously been so great! I know I say that all the time.. but I really mean it!
My new companion is seriously the best! I love her so much! She has been helping me see the positive in every situation. She has these little clicker things that she clicks throughout the day whenever she has a positive thought. She gave me one, and let me just tell you.. It seriously changes your outlook on everything! So we have been having competitions on who can have the most positive thoughts in a day! I have been winning, but don"t tell her that. Haha. You seriously can find something positive in every situation, no matter how bad it may seem. Thats going to be one lesson I hold dear to me when I get back. When you look for the good things in life you will be happier! That is a promise I give you guys! Keep you chins up, there is no reason to dispair. We have all the resources to help us keep going, happily on the path! Don't give up, that is what satan wants us to do. He wants us to feel like we can't do it. Just remember, those are satans thoughts, not yours!
We actually just had this less active member that we have been trying to visit the past couple of days. He was actually a DNC, in otherwords a do not contact member. Thats means that he had specifically asked the missionaries not to come back. However, we decided to go try him. He hadn't been contacted in over a year. So we go there and knock, no answer. We try back a few days later, no answer. We try again, no answer. Then we decide to try one more time, and this lady answers the door. She was super friendly and wanted us o come back and teach her! I saw the old man in the back of the room and he just walked away from the door. He was the one who told the missionaries not to come back. So we make an appointment with her, and we left thinking a miracle just happened! However we show up for the time we set up together and, no answer.. At this point we were a little confused, because both of their cars were in the driveway. So we decide to wait till next week to try again. So sunday comes along, we are in ward councel, and the first councelor in the bishopric points us out. He told us that someone by the name of ... called him during church and said to tell us,"If those sister missinaries ever come back to my house I will call the cops on them!" So of course me and sister Bergeson were astonished! We were like, they totally acted like they wanted us to come back. Unless it was just the old man who didn"t want us to come back, because the lady sounded genually interested..
In situations like that, you need to not get down on yourself. Remember that when we go out and share the gospel with people we are standing in Christs spot. We are doing and saying the things that He would if he was here today. It is Christ they are denying, not you. I am so grateful for this knowledge, because it really does keep you going. Don't think I dont care if the people arent wanting to hear and accept our message.. because I do care! Its just that I know I can take the weight of rejection off of my shoulders when I truly remember what I am doing out here.
I am so grateful to be a part of this gospel, and I am so blessed to be out here having all these experiences! I encourage everyone to serve a mission. There is no reason you shouldn't! It will bless you and your family more than you can even imagine! Well stay strong everyone, and don't let things get you down!
Love ya!
-Sister Steffani Stokes(:

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