Monday, April 7, 2014

Hey Everyone!!!
This week has been sooooo great! Transfer week was a little crazy, but non the less I survived! And let me tell you.. I LOVE my new companion so much! She is just great! Her name is Sister Bergeson, and she is from Boise, Idaho. And she is a figure skater! Pretty cool right? Well basically I have the best companion in the world. Sorry other missionaries. Actually, sorry not sorry. Haha.
Funny story: So yesterday we were going to see this family of investigators, and we were bringing their friend. Her name is Kate, and she is just the sweetest member! I seriously love the africans in our ward so much! Well anyways, in the African culture everyone is family. They will call you their aunts and uncles when there is no blood relation whatsoever! It can get REALLY confusing sometimes.. haha. Also because of how they treat eachother, they kinda just walk into each others houses. So when we brought Kate with us yesterday we forgot to look at the house number. Also I don't understand how all 3 of us didn't recognize that this house looked nothing like their house! Haha. But Kate goes on and just walks right into their house.. And there are two little white boys that are playing video games in the front room. They look at us with faces of surprise/terror/confusion! Haha. Then we probably made those same faces back to them. Then we all just started laughing, which I think scared the little boys even more.. Lol. So as we leave their house, the completely mortified little boys run to their door and lock it! Haha. Just thought that this might put some smiles on your face back home!(: I know that I was laughing about that the whole rest of the night! If anything, we probably taught them to lock their door so strangers don't walk in..
So conference was just amazing! I got so much out of these sessions, it was just ridiculous. We got our Investigator, Katie, to the first session on saturday. However so many things kept getting in the way of her going to the other sessions.. Satan definitely didn't want her to watch those, thats for sure. However, we plan on having her watch them on her phone still. So Ha! Satan we win. Lol.
Well I hope everyone is having a great week! Stay strong, and don't let Satan wedge his way into your life. We are promised protection from hime if we continually do whats right. Thats doesn't mean it will always be easy, but I know that you will be supported in your trials. If you are having a hard time right now, think back in your life. Are you doing the simple things like reading everyday, praying morning and night? The ONLY way we will fall from the church is if we stopped doing those things. President Porter said, "Every person I talk to that has fallen away from the church has always said they have some type of a problem/misunderstanding of something in the gospel. However He can always track it back to when they stopped praying/reading to when they started having problems with the church." Continually doing the simple things is sooooo important! Don't forget to do them every single day! They reaqlly are your protection from the crazy world out there! Stay strong with scripture!
Love ya,
Sister Stokes(:

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