Monday, May 5, 2014

Hey Everyone!!!
So this week we got to role play a new lesson, that our president felt inspired we teach to everyone, to the presidents assistants! Man! Gotta love being the companion to a sister training leader! Haha. So now Sister Bergeson and I are going to be the ones passing off all of the sisters in our zone on this lesson! Elder Bell, one of the assistants, told us afterwards that we had this lesson down better than most of the zone leaders! I was pretty excitied!(: We also had interviews with the President this week. One of the things I had talked about in my interview with my mission president was Katie. He told me to tell her hi, he loves her, and that he is coming to her baptism(Not on date yet, but will be!), and that him and his wife will take her to the temple! How cool! My mission President is fellowshipping my gator!!!
So I am sure my mom has told most of you already.. but instead of just a phone call for Mothers Day, I am actually going to see her in person. Well 2 days after the fact. But I just can't handle the mission anymore, I am physically, mentally, and spiritually drained. Thats the other thing I talked to my President about in interviews. So we decided it would be best for me to come home...
                                                 *         *        *       *        *      
GOTCHA!!! Just kidding, kinda.. I am coming home, but it is actually just to have surgery in SLC. So not nearly as bad(: Well don't worry about me, I will be fine. I am determined to find my purpose as to why heavenly Father is sending me home at this time. Wether it is simply that my family needs me, or I need to talk to a neighbor, or I need to get married. Ha! Just kiddin' on the last one, but I will find my purpose!
About 2 nights ago me and Sister Bergeson are walking into the appt after a long day. We are literally exhausted! Well we start turning on the lights when all of a sudden Sister Bergeson screams! So I do what any other girl would do, and scream to! Even though I had no idea what she was screaming about.. Haha. Well it turns out that there is this huge black spider in the middle of the floor by our table (her side of the table might I add(:). Well we end up catching it and she decided she doesn't want to kill it. So imagine one of those one troll face icons saying, "Kill the spider!" Thats was me. Haha. So we come to terms and decide to take the spider far far away from our appt and we won't kill it. So we take it about 8 buildings down. And leave it there to bother the next people in that apartment complex. We are nice people, aren't we(: Well we decided to leave the friend magazine we had been carrying the spider with there so we could feel a little bit better about the situation. We were a little worried that the spider would be like a dog, and find his way back home.. but all we could do is hope!
Oh and the other day we were trying to teach katie at the park about tithing. When this lady walks up to us and starts talking. She seemed preety nice at first, then she found out that we were missionaries.. She ended up bashing us hard right in front of Katie! I was praying that the Lord would soften her heart and actually listen to us. However, everytime I tried to say something, she would cut me off. She would even give the spirit a chance to soften her heart. Oh and on the funny side to that situation, she kept on contrdicting herself. She was like I have such a stron belief in the bible, but then she would say that the bible doesn't talk about Jesus Christ and that He is a fictional Character. Well I bore my testimony to her basically for 10 seconds then she cut me off again and I left her with a card and we left. Katie told us to met her at another park. So we drive there and end up having a really good lesson! Katie told us that that lady was crazy! She asked me,"Did you hear how many times she contradicted herself?" I was so happy she realized that! Well Katie is definitely going to be baptized, its just a matter of when. She actually knows that I am leaving, so she asked me if I am in a different area when she is baptized, would I be able to come back and see her? So yup, she is definitely almost there!!! :D
Well I hope everyone is doing great back at home! I have definitely had an interesting week as you can see! I truly am grateful for this gospel though, it is everything. I feel like when I come home and go back to school I am going to have a hard time studying school stuff.. because all I want to study anymore is the scriptures! Make the most of your free time while you can! Because the older you get I feel like less and less time you have to set aside to just study the scriptures. But I am determined that I will set aside at least 30 minutes a day for that!(:
Love always,
Sister Steffani Stokes

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