Monday, March 3, 2014

Heyyyy Everyone!!!
This week seriously just flew by so fast! I honestly don't even know what day it is anymore.. Lol. Everytime I ask, I am always a few days behind! Haha. This life truly is just a small moment on our timeline of eternity. I am so grateful for that, otherwise I would be so much more depressed when I wake up one day and look 85.. Lol. Well anyways, this week really has been AMAZING!!!!
Sister Chapa and I have been teaching this investigator, Katie Blain, since I got here. She truly is amazing. She is 31, has a little boy named Kaden, and her husbands name is Christopher. Lately it has been really hard for her because her husband is sentenced to be in jail for about the next 20 years... I don't know what he did though. Also Kaden is always hyper, like extremely hyper. The docs think he might have ADHD. Well that's really besides the point, life has just been really hard for her lately. Well last week we taught her the plan of salvation at a members home. Someone was watching Kaden for her. In the past when Kaden was there it was really hard to keep her focused, and the spirit was really hard to bring in her home. However we were SUPER excited for this lesson because there would be no distractions and the spirit was always present in this members home!(: Well after we shared the entire plan of sal. she said that everything just made perfect sense. During the lesson I read her mosiah 18:8-10 and I asked her what she felt those scriptures were trying to tell her.
She said, "I honestly have no idea what that scripture was saying, because I was so overcome with the spirit while you were reading that! So I couldn't pay attention to what it was saying.." Then idk why we did this.. but I felt as though I needed to ask her again. Even though she already said she got nothing out of it.
 So I asked her again..
She said, " The only word I got out of those verses was the word baptism."
As soon as she said that I wanted to jump for joy! I said, "I think the Lord is trying to tell you something." Then I invited her to follow Christs example and be baptized by someone with the priesthood authority of God. (My first time I asked someone to be baptized!!!) She KNOWS that that is what she needs to do.. however she feels like she needs to wait and learn more first. Her family is all Catholic, so I think that may be part of the problem too. Oh I forgot to mention this a little bit earlier.. but during the lesson I felt inspired to share this one scripture in Alma. However I felt like I needed to wait a little bit to share it. So I had my scriptures out to the scripture, and I patiently waited for when I felt prompted to share it. Then she asked a question that this scripture answered perfectly! I shared it, and she was like, "Oh my gosh! Hold on, I just want to read that again.."
We are teaching her again tonight at 8pm. We will be teaching her the 3rd lesson, also known as the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am really excited for it, and I am going to give her a baptismal date to work towards! I would gladly accept prayers of support and help for tonight. I really want her to get baptized! She is so awesome. Wish me luck(:
Hmmmm... So I just want all of you guys back home to know that Heavenly father definitely answers prayers! I always wanted one of those super embarrassing/funny stories like some missionaries get out on their missions. So with me being me, I went and prayed for an embarrassing moment so I could share it with my family later on... NEVER EVER PRAY 4 THAT!!!! I truly think our Heavenly Father has a sense of humor, because he gave me THE most embarrassing moment I could have EVER asked 4... I am definitely not telling you guys what happened.. but just be careful about what you pray for.. Hahaha. Its funny now, but all last week I was mortified.. Lol.
So yesterday we didn't get to have church, because there was an ice storm.. so we were stuck in the apartment for half the day. However, I went to go look out the window.. and there was black mold growing all over all the edges of our window ceil! I started to freak out.. So my companion casually goes to the bathroom and brings back this bleach spray. Sprays it, and it slowly just disappeared.. haha. So apparently we are going to be having a problem with black mold. Also she said it gets a lot worse over the summer... definitely not looking forward to that.
Well I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! Don't be afraid to share the gospel with your friends. **Cough cough Megan and Cass cough cough** Remember that the reason you would be doing that is because you love them. You care about them returning to their Father, just as you care about getting back to your Father. This is their salvation we are talking about, and with the grant scheme of things in perspective there truly is nothing to be afraid of(: 
Well I love you all<3 and until next time,
Sister Steffani Stokes(:

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