Monday, March 24, 2014

Hey Everyone!!!
I am not sure how long this is going to be, because I am just typing until my companion tells me we need to go.. haha. We are already over our 1 hour of emailing time! Haha.
Well this week was great because I got to go to the Louisville Temple!! Its was such a great experience! Whenever you go to the temple you should go with a question in mind.
Seriously though. Just. Do. It. They actually just started allowing the missionaries in the Cincinnati mission to go to the Temple every 6 months. President Porter had to get permission from one of the general authorities. So I am pretty Stoked about that! Haha. Although I wish we could go even more than that.. but I am grateful for every 6 months(:
Oh! So this is actually kind of disguisting! We decided to use the dishwasher for once this week, because there were so many dishes that we didn't want to hand wash all of them. (I swear we are clean people! Haha. It just got a little built up because we have been so busy lately) So we start her up, and it starts making a funny sound.. then we both go, "Oh my gosh! Ewwwwww!!" The dishwasher started smelling like poop! It was disgusting! So we open it up, and the water looks tinted brown! And might I add that it already touched all of our dishes!! Ick! So I tried to get away from the stench, but it already penetrated throughout our entire apartment!! So we call Sister Porter(Our mission president wife) and she just laughs at us. She did sound pretty disgusted as well though.
Hmmm.. there was more I wanted to tell you guys this week.. but I honestly can't remember what it was.. Well there is this cutest little baby starring at me right now! haha. He keeps laughing at the faces I am making! I think I am baby deprived.. we can't help babysit or even hold babies out here. I feel like they made that rule so that when you go back home you just want to get married and have kids.. Well I think it is working! Haha jk.
Sorry for not really updating you on missionary things.. but I honestly can't remember the cool story I wanted to tell you guys.. But I hope everyone is doing great at home! I think I am starting to get a little bit more homesick lately. Mainly because I miss getting, and giving hugs. Yes, I know I can hug my companion.. but she isn't a very huggy person. As in she likes hugs when she gives them. Well she is telling me we need to go, so I guess this is it for now. Stay tuned in for next weeks adventures! :P Haha
Love always,
Sister Steffani Stokes
Fyi: The humidity doesn't make your skin any softer. It actually makes it dryer! Oh and it makes you break out as well.. gotta love cinci weather! Lol.

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