Thursday, March 6, 2014

Email from Sister Unklesbay :)

We had all four missionaries at our house on Sunday for dinner.  What a treat to have the sisters here two days in a row!  It wasn't planned that way, though.  I know others need the opportunity to feed them too.  Sunday was when our church meetings were cancelled because of ice.  It was so slippery in the morning that you couldn't stand without sliding.

I'd been texting with the sisters in the morning to see if they needed anything, to keep them updated on the weather, etc.  We already had plans to feed the elders.  When I realized the sisters would be spending most of the day inside their apartment, I asked them to come too.  By the way, the snow storm predicted was to be up to 12", but it didn't turn out that way.  We only got about 3-4" of snow.  I forgot to ask Sister Stokes if she even likes snow or has been around it much.

One fun thing I want to tell you is that it was snowing most of the time the missionaries were here.  The elders went outside first.  When the rest of us went out, we found the elders clearing the snow off of the sisters' car.  What wonderful gentlemen!

We just love Sister Stokes more and more every day!  She and Sister Chapa are so kind to each other and it's wonderful to be around them. This time Sister Stokes told us how she came to the decision to serve a mission.  I can't believe how it all came about so quickly!  We're glad she's here and know she is going to bless so many with her happiness and testimony.

The elders serving our ward with your daughter are Elder Coughlan from Idaho and Elder Beckman from Centerville, Utah.

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