Monday, July 27, 2015

Hey Everyone!!

This week has been so crazy!! We may of had a high level of stress throughout this week.. but God made everything happen the way it was supposed to. I catch myself at the end of stressful weeks asking myself, "Why did I stress? Everything always works out!" Someday I will get that down(: 

So Dante got baptized this week!! We were so excited for him!! We have MEGA plans to help him towards continual conversion the next couple of weeks! Because as we all know, baptism is NOT the end. In reality its just the beginning. Here are just a few of our plans. We have a lesson in the Lynch families home on Friday. Then another Member home lesson the following week in the Walthers home. He is going to the Indianapolis Temple open house this Friday for a 12pm session. Then family history next Tuesday to get family names to take to the Temple. Then that following Saturday is one of our Mission Temple Trips for recent converts, so he will be going to that too. He is getting the Aaronic priesthood this coming Sunday. President Porter and President Bradley(Stake) Went to our ward council and Sacrament Meeting this Sunday and got to see Dante confirmed! It was awesome! 

I cannot tell you all enough how much I love President Porter! Everyone came up to us after sacrament meeting and told us that we are being trained by one of the best mission Presidents they have ever seen! Or some would say he is going to be one of the next apostles!! I wouldn't doubt it! That man carries such a power with him!!! Most of the members in the Cherry Grove ward have served missions. Most of them are incredibly smart! Most of the members in our ward are doctors. Yet they come up to us and tell us that they have been around many mission Presidents throughout their life and there is no one quite like President Porter!!! I just feel so blessed to be learning from the best! I think I have the best mission!!! This mission is definitely where I was supposed to be!!! I bet everyone thinks that their mission is the best though. But mine is(: haha

Well I hope you all have a  great week! Love ya!

Love always,

Sister Steffani Stokes<3

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