Monday, July 6, 2015

 4 1/2 months ago

 4 1/2 months later

 us again(: Love those Sunday mornings with sister tolle delivering breakfast to gators

 I love the Reds!!

 Philippian food!
 Pinterest Perfect
 Our 3rd of July meal! haha

 Sister Tolle <3

 He lost a bet with someone.. hahaha

 Our Zone!!
 On the shuttle to get to our parade float down the road(:
 Helping with the float!


 The hives all over my body.. EEEEK!
 Found this in one of the members cars.. hahaha

 My swollen hand... I had an emergency room trip at like 10:30.. a couple weeks ago, but I am good(:
 Driven in the OHIA!
 the church parking lot
 Watching fireworks on our back deck while 
 trying to move the trailer by hand.. its our handcart! Hahaha
 Our lunch!!
Our awesome district that changing a ton this transfer!! :(
Watching fireworks on our back deck while having our zone family prayer!

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