Monday, October 6, 2014

Hey hey!
I first wanted to say thank you so much for the letters/packages this week everyone! It really does mean a lot when I get those, it just reminds me that I am supported at home, and it helps me carry on through the good and bad days(:
Conference was sooo Great! I loved Elder Hollands, Uchtdorfs, and Elder Bednars the best. But all in all, they were all great! Man, it went by so fast! Its so sad that we have to wait 6 months to hear them speak to all of us again.. I feel like as a missionary you just crave knowledge. You can never get enough. When I went home, I feel like that urge went away a little bit sadly. But it has come back again! Feast upon the words of Christ, because they truly testify of what we need to do in life to find the most joy and happiness. Even if you can't find the words that give you a how to, just the way you feel after reading scriptures is joy and happiness! Love the book. Read the book. Live the book.
This week me and Sister Holm were making some copies of a paper we needed. When she goes,"Listen to this beat!" So I listen to the beat the printer is making while copying multiple copies.. it was totally beat boxing to us! Haha! So we start full out dancing in the church Library! Haha. It was sooo fun. So we ended up asking others if they needed copies of this paper, and they did! I have never been more excited to copy stuff for other people. So instead of jamming the printer, we called dancing to the beat of the printer the "Printer Jam!" Haha. Then some other sisters joined our Jam(:

This week We taught Gabby a few times again. This week was extra special though, because a miracle happened. We were able to teach her about the Plan of Salvation on Wednesday right in the middle of interviews with our President. Btw interviews with President were great! Anyways, A few hours later Gabby texted us and told us that her mom had just passed away. I am not saying it was a miracle her mom passed away, but a miracle that we could teach her about the Plan of Salvation before her mom left. I know that knowing the Plan of happiness that God has prepared for all of us helped Gabby through this hard time. She knows where her mom is and that she will be able to see her again. If we had even met her a day later than we did, then she wouldnt know this plan, because we have literally been teaching her almost everyday. I just love Gabby. She is so strong. She has come such a far way from where she was before. Her light is increasing, and I am truly blessed to be able to teach her.
Well this week has truly been so great! I love hearing from all of you, and I love the work. Work is truly the answer to all my problems. I feel like anything but work would help, but giving the work everything I have has been the answer every single time! So work hard, see the blessings, and feel the joy. Love ya!

Love always,
Sister Steffani Stokes

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