Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hey Everyone!

So I realized that I forgot to write about this last week.. So on September 1st we had a leadership council meeting where we as the leaders were deciding a goal to set for baptism for the end of the year. Collectively we came up with the goal of 225 from now until the end of the year. We were still a little hesitant on making that goal, so we decide to pray about it. With the numbers we have been getting the past couple of months, that goal would be impossible! We had to start doubling what we have been doing! So yes.. it was a HUGE goal! So President leads us all to our knees to say a prayer. I thought he was going to say it.. but nope. He called me up from the back of the room to come up and kneel next to him. He then said Sister Stokes would you like to offer the prayer for us. Of course I say yes! I was a little nervous though.. I was in a room full of the some of the most spiritual people I have ever met in my entire life! But it was an honor to say the prayer to receive revelation on this goal. So I say the prayer that we are willing to work hard. I then ask if reaching out and saving 225 of thy children is a goal we could meet with His help. I just stopped and let the revelation soak in for a minute, then I ended my prayer. I cannot tell you the feelings we all had in that room while we were all on our knees! We all just knelt there for about 5 minutes thinking and pondering to ourselves. Then President Porter asked how all of us were feeling. Everyone was expressing how strong the spirit was, and how loved and comforted we all felt! It was amazing! I couldn't hear everyone's responses because I was mostly deaf then.. and I could hardly breathe.. haha. At least I am feeling better now!(: But with everyones faith in that room we got a clear and DEFINITE answer that that saving 225 of Gods children was indeed Gods will for our mission!

Boy oh boy!  I know we can reach, and save that many people! So I have seen so many miracles since then we made that goal! The Lord wants His field harvested. We started teaching John Casey this week. He is so sincere and genuine about learning more. We had a chapel tour with him after church on Sunday, and at the beginning President Radcliffe told John, "You must be some lucky guy to have THESE sister missionaries teaching you." He then began to say, "I know, I was looking for something more in my life, and then these sister missionaries showed up on my porch." Wow! That was a powerful moment. Jeremy West, baptized a couple of weeks ago, was there too. Right after he said that, Jeremy said, "I agree too." He began saying, "When they found me I was leaving my Sunday baptist service and was walking home. I had just previously prayed and asked God for more direction in my life and what I could do to draw even closer to you, then along came these sister missionaries!" Man! We all just soaked in the spirit for a minute before we began our tour. He is on date for October 9th. Then Jane Tumey walked by and invited him to her baptism on September 19th! It was so cool! I know God is completely in control of the goal He set of 225.

 I  LOVE being a missionary. I LOVE my mission! I LOVE my mission President! I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!

 Holy cow! Miracles are happening every single day out here! The are real! The Doctrine of Christ is real! I have changed so much! I can't thank my Father enough for the experiences He has given me out here! I know my Savior lives. I know that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God! It changes lives! I know Joseph Smith was His prophet to Restore Christs church back on the earth again today! What a marvelous thing to be able to say! 

I hope you all can have and see the miracles in your lives every single day! As you live the Doctrine of Christ more fully, you will.

Love always,

Sister Steffani Stokes

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