Monday, February 2, 2015

Hey Everyone!!

AMANDA IS ENGAGED!!!!!! I just can't even believe it.. I feel like there is just so much going on right now, its crazy!! I love love love the ring! You did good Jason!(: haha. I am so excited to have you as my new brother!! You fit right in with our crazy family!! lol. 

Well other than that.. This week has been Rockin down here in Muncie! Oh so great news.. We went to a Superbowl party!!! ... haha. Well kind of. We didn't have a dinner Sunday night, so with how great the Pratt family is, she invites us to eat some of the Superbowl party dishes! Man was that a great dinner!! It mostly consisted of heavenly junk food though.. haha. Did not watch any of the Superbowl though, we just stayed in the kitchen the whole time. 

A miracle we had this week was on Tuesday. I was on exchanges with Sister Jacobson and we had a chapel tour set up with Kim, and investigator, that night. A chapel tour is basically where you just show people around the church building and show the spiritual highlights. Well we have a member come, that is willing to drive Kim to the church building, waiting outside for us to go get Kim at her door. So we go up, and her son Bailey(19) answers the door. Whenever she doesn't answer the door it usually means she is not feeling well and can't meet. So I immediately knew it didn't look so good, but I held onto the faith. Then Bailey went and and told her, "The church ladies are here." and she said, "Tell them I can't meet, I am not feeling well." So he comes back out and tells us that. He then invites us in anyways, so we walk in wondering what we are going to do. Then he goes to ask her again, and she again says no. So we then ask Bailey if he would like to go on a chapel tour. We have never taught anything to him. We explained that there is a member that could give you a ride outside right now. He immediately said yes!!! We took him on a chapel tour and it was so spiritual!! We invited him while we were in the church building to pray to find out if what we have talked about today is true, and when he gets an answer to follow Jesus Christs example and be baptized. He responded that he already knew it was true. We asked how he came to know it was true, and this was his response. He told us that when we were teaching Kim(his mom) he would go into his bedroom with the door cracked and lay on his bed with the lights off and just listen to us!! He listened to each of our lessons with Kim! He wanted to come to church and to be baptized! So we gave him the date of February 28th, and he is now working towards that date! We are passing him off the the young single adult elders this week. But either way, super cool miracle!! God is definitely in the big and little details of this work! It makes me so happy to see miracles in this work, because it shows that God is using me as a tool in his hand. That is just the best feeling. 

Well I hope everyone has a great week! It sounds like everything is going SUPER at home!! Love y'all!

Love always,

Sister Steffani Stokes<3

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