Monday, August 3, 2015

Hey Everyone!

Man! I just love this ward! We have been implementing something new into our area. Our ward was picked as a testing ward for the ward council to be the ones who fill up our schedule from 10am to 9pm. However since I am training it is from 11am-9pm. That includes all of the meetings we have as leaders too, so the ward has it a little bit easier.. haha. But is is so awesome! They gave us soo much to do this week! We are going to be even busier! I didn't even think that that was possible! I already feel like I am full on sprinting all of the time! Its the best!!! I have learned that I really like being busy! I get a lot more done. I also have learned that I am a good leader. So with that, it is something I have become because of Gods grace and abundant help! I see my footsteps before me being guided in action and in word. I know that this is Jesus Christs Church here again because I have felt it. But on top of that I see evidences of it every single day! We don't look for signs, but signs follow the believers. If you act in faith first you will see those evidences!! Ma! I just love my mission! I AM NEVER COMING HOME! I refuse. Someone is going to have to pry my fingers off of every single thing I get my hands on on the way home. My body is breaking down, and I am utterly and completely exhausted.. but I have never been happier! The commandments are an armor we have the choice and privilege to put on each and every single day! And because I am called and asked to live a higher law as a missionary, I have really seen that principal come to life through obedience to the smallest of things! I just can't say it enough! Love ya!!!!

Love always,

Sister Steffani Stokes

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